Speedometer Cluster Repair

Does your speedometer cluster need to be repaired? Does yours have a sticking gauge? Are the bulbs burned out? Is your gear indicator dim or totally out? Do you have a dead cluster where nothing on the cluster works at all? We can help you. We now offer a speedometer cluster repair service specializing in GM clusters from ’03 to early ’07 and are looking to add more models soon (call us for an update latest additions to vehicles we currently work on). Simply remove your speedometer cluster from your vehicle (easy task that should take you no more than 10 minutes) and drop it off at our facility and we will have it ready for you to pick up the following business day. We also have loaner speedometers you can use while we work on your cluster so that you can still use your truck while we fix yours. If you do not need to use your vehicle during the time that we have your cluster, you may drop off the vehicle and we will remove and re-install the cluster for you. Call us today and speak to Randy for more information.


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